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Welcome to My Site

I am a vocalist native from Belgium who currently lives in Las Vegas.

What do I do? I live my passion, singing live on stage and at times in the studio. I happen to sing in many different languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

What else? I do studio sessions (lead and background vocals), commercials,...

I sing for your private parties and corporate events and provide vocal coaching. 

I also write lyrics and a couple of melodies whenever I get inspired.

Check out some of my favorite musicians around and if you wish to contact me, please message me at the following e-mail address:

Thank you for visiting my website!

“Pascale Elia is one impressive stylist who has an incredible phrasing and precise timing technique often found in older jazz singers. She is instantly recognizable, blending shades of Brazilian and Cuban sultry without sounding like anyone else but herself. Any way you slice it, Pascale Elia is a singer to be reckoned with… her voice provided depth and passion… which only a seasoned songstress can deliver.”

Review by Danny R. Johnson San Diego County News, July 9th 2011 Entertainment/Travel News Editor, Washington, D.C.